Passive House Construction Quality Assurance


The extreme energy efficiency and high level of comfort of a Passive House building can only be achieved by using a continuous Quality Assurance process thoroughly applied during all phases of the project.

The Passive House Quality Assurance process is a methodology that uses various checkpoints, reviews, documentation tools and verification protocols to minimize design and construction mistakes that may jeopardize the building’s certification.

During construction, it ensures that all the materials, components, and systems are installed, tested, and commissioned in accordance to the design documents and the Passive House building Standards.


MIZU Passive House Consulting offers various Passive House Construction Quality Assurance services, including:

• Specific site training
• Planning and sequencing
• Detailed mock-up reviews
• Material installation verification
• Photographic documentation
• Customized logs and checklists
• Testing and commissioning guidance
• Construction changes impact analysis


Throughout the project, the Passive House Quality Assurance process encourages effective communication, promote teamwork, and support all teams in delivering the highest level of accuracy and workmanship in their respective disciplines.


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